What if you could be in ten places at once? Or 100, or even 1,000? What if you were able to locate any member of your remote team and see what they are seeing in real time?

Now, what if anyone or everyone on your team could simultaneously view critical information appearing on a computer screen back at headquarters or live events at a remote location? Think about the whole new world of possibilities created by that real-time mobile collaboration.

RealityVision® turns equipment you may already own — smart phones, laptops, digital cameras and sensors — into a powerful video communications and collaboration network. It runs on your existing IP infrastructure.

RealityVision runs on off-the-shelf commercial hardware and works with virtually any wireless network — including cellular, tactical wireless and satellite systems. Endlessly expandable, and compatible with low- and high-bandwidth networks, RealityVision scales easily as you grow. And as new hardware innovations become available, RealityVision is positioned to make the most of them.

At the push of a button, anyone in your organization can share live video and other data in real time, providing individuals in the field with instant intelligence, instructions or feedback. .

Introducing RealityVision® 3.1
With support for Apple® iOS, Android® , Windows Mobile® , Windows® and Blackberry® operating systems, RealityVision can support many of the mobile devices in use by your teams. And installing RealityVision is fast and easy. At the heart of the system is a RealityVision server, which you can deploy safely behind your firewall. Right out of the box, this software platform can secure all communications — including streaming video — with the same SSL encryption used by major financial institutions. It even works within your existing VPN framework, including FIPS 140-2 compliant solutions. Installation and configuration are simple.  In fact, you can be up and running in just a few hours.

Once the system is in place, a new world of possibilities awaits you. Corporate and government entities often use terms, such as “situational awareness” and “assembling a common operating picture,” to express how complicated real-time operational decision-making can be. With RealityVision, it becomes much easier to collaborate and make well-informed decisions.


"Imagine this. A SWAT team of 10 police officers could be deployed to a dangerous neighborhood in search of an alleged terrorist. Each officer could carry a cell phone that could transmit live images of precisely what he or she was seeing at that very moment. Back at the command center, an incident commander could choose the most useful streaming video from any of the 10 team members and instantly broadcast those live images to everyone else at the scene. The enhancement to their "situational awareness" would be extraordinary. Such a seamless and portable capability might bring to mind a fictional scene from "24", starring Kiefer Sutherland, but this technology is real and already being deployed in the field."

A picture is worth a thousand words | GSN's Homeland Security Insider

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