It's our philosophy to make Operational Performance Management (OPM) easy for organizations running SAP ERP

Improving your Operational Performance

Every Angle is a SAP Certified and affordable solution, developed by SAP experts since 1996. Business users can easily measure and analyze the performance of their business processes in a very advanced and flexible way. Improvement information can quickly be provided to the right people via the SAP GUI, so they can execute the right responsive actions. Every Angle is proven to be very effective and cost saving.

On time and on budget implementation

An implementation of Every Angle is always on time, on budget and, as our customers say, it deliver more than expected. 

Live in one week

The automated customization and built-in SAP knowledge 
ensures the Every Angle solution as add-on on SAP is live in 
maximum 2 days and operational within a single week.

It will only take 3 days to install and train power users, it takes your power users 3 minutes to define a specific Angle you are looking for and it takes only 3 seconds to see the answer to it. Finally, you will be able to measure, analyze and improve actions quickly, easy and intuitively, just as you have always wished to do.


Ease of use

Software can help you by giving information and rapid answers to your questions quickly. But what if your software is too rigid to answer your questions? How often do you need information that cannot be caught in a few simple lists and you have to do without the requested information or you find yourself 
combining data by hand in a spreadsheet.

If you use Every Angle as operational BI in addition on SAP, you can answer these questions quick and easy because Every Angle is flexible and intuitively.

Fast results


Every Angle enables you to use your SAP system to its full potential. Within six months, your data reliability strongly improves, the service levels increase and the supply chain costs decrease. The yellow line shows a remarkable statistic: the user attitude towards SAP increases significantly, which means the user has regained his trust in the SAP system.

10,000 times faster

The Every Angle solution is a ten thousand times faster than traditional SAP ABAP-based technology. The secret behind EA is that it converts data into “live-objects”. This is possible because of the built-in SAP-knowledge. The solution contains all the logic of your SAP ERP, which means that EA allows you to make quick intuitive logic combinations and generate intelligent analysis. Some people think Every Angle uses classic cube technology. It does not.

Use across the organization

Every Angle is a performance management solution that can and should be used throughout the whole organization. 
That’s why it is the ideal tool for all levels; from top management to management, to process experts and the operational level. How often do you need information that cannot be caught in a few simple lists and you have to do without the requested information or you find yourself combining data by hand in a spreadsheet? EA offers the right solution to gather that information.

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