Faster Queries in SAP NetWeaver BW solutions

PBS offers several nearline storage solutions, including two solutions for the new SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse nearline interface 7.0 and also for Release 3.x.

PBS CBW NLS IQ includes the column-based analytics server Sybase IQ. All PBS nearline solutions areSAP certified.

You can determine your database growth using the BW Database Analyzer before you perform SAP NetWeaver BW archiving.

Optimize your BW applications

In combination with the column-based analytics server Sybase IQ or classic ADK technology, PBS nearline storage solutions allow for faster queries. At the same time, the data is stored in highly compressed form on low-cost hardware. Regardless of the solution you choose, PBS solutions can help you to optimize your system performance.

Read under Case Studies about the advantages that achieved our satisfied customers with the PBS Nearline Storage Solutions.

PBS Nearline Storage Portfolio



SAP Component

BI Database Analyzer

Capacity analysis of InfoProviders and PSA tables

SAP BW 3.x and NetWeaver 7.0 BW

PBS archive add on CBW

Nearline Storage Solution

SAP BW 3.x

PBS archive add on CBW IQ

NLS for Sybase IQ Analytics Server

SAP BW 3.x


SAP-ADK-based Nearline Storage Solution

SAP NetWeaver 7.0 BW


NLS for Sybase IQ Analytics Server

SAP NetWeaver 7.0 BW

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