ASC - Archiving Sessions Cockpit

This tool was developed to ensure regular data archiving.

Recognizing the difficulties that data archiving presents to a SAP Competence Center through both employee overhead and error risks, TJC provided a tool to remove these constraints and so free internal resources to give customers a better ROI on their SAP archiving project. 

TJC got this idea from listening to the needs of customers.

In 2003 two of their customers asked them to provide a solution to streamline their SAP archiving processes. Their archiving was correctly customized and used in their production systems but they both encountered difficulties with the ongoing archiving processes.

Other customers, despite a promising start for data archiving, stopped these processes after several months or years due to lack of available employees, system reorgs, upgrades...

In response to these problems TJC developed the Archiving Sessions Cockpit (ASC) which has been implemented at many of customers during recent years.

Very often our customers deploy ASC to get their stalled data archiving initiatives back on track within the shortest possible time and with the least effort. 

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