PBS Software GmbH is a leading provider for SAP© add-on software in the areas data archiving, extraction and storage as well as system closings and has been known to be an expert on complex, integrated data accesses for 20 years. 

PBS’ focus is the seamless and fast data access to all enterprise data regardless of whether it was stored in an online, archived or nearline format. PBS concentrate on the development of pragmatic and innovative ILM tools that help SAP© customers to reduce their operating costs while at the same time enabling very high levels of user satisfaction. 

Data archiving is an ongoing process that you have execute throughout the SAP© system’s productive life. It has to be done consistently over the years whilst ensuring that the process is 100% error-free - requirements that are virtually impossible to fulfil if this process is done manually.

ASC (Archiving Sessions Cockpit) is the only certified standard software package in the SAP© world to automate your data archiving processes.

The EP-ASIA Group is the exclusive distributor of the TJC solutions in Asia outside Japan and Korea as well as Australia/New Zealand.

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